Computer Repair

Computer Repairs

We are providing quality computer repair in and around Milton Keynes. If you have problems with your PC, contact us and one of our local repair technicians will be working on any computer problems you might experience.

A PC technician will offer you professional service at affordable prices. Whether you need pc repairs, computer upgrades, you want a virus removed, or installation of operating system, just use our 24/7 service to solve your computer related problems.


Professional Service

With all the spyware removal software you might think that you do not need a professional and that you could do it yourself. However, a professional computer specialist with plenty of IT experience will perform a completely successful removal.

Your PC will be looked at straight away with no call out charges. We have a No Fix No Fee policy and you will be charged by the services we perform, and you will know ahead of time that if the issue is not fixed, you do not pay.


If you require any of the following services then please call us:-

* Wired and Wireless Networks setup

* Spyware & Virus Removal

* Internet Problems

* Data backup or recovery

* Computer or Laptop memory, processor or hard drive upgrade

* Windows Problem

* Computer Set Up

* PC Repair

* Broadband Set Up

* Have complaints about your computer running very slow

* Broken Parts of Laptop?

* Installing  hardware

* Home Visits

** Please note , we don't sell any software, also my must need a valid licence for the software that you want for the installation. **




PC Running Slow?

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You might experience problems such as computer running very slow, you might have a hardware problem or perhaps software problems, MK PC repairs is here to offer you support and warranty on its services.

A computer upgrade is often the best value for increasing computer performance. However, if you need help with fixing a slow computer, or you have a boot sector virus, you need pc virus removal or you have slow hard drive, a PC technician can help you, whether it is your computer at home or at your office.


Computer Maintelaptop repairnance

We offer you computer maintenance service and computer support at the most affordable prices you can find in Milton Keynes. Whether you use window xp, window vista, window 7, for pc maintenance, computer repairs, computer support let us help you in solving your problems. For computer repair service, contact us and you will be pleased to have chosen us.



where we operate

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Our head office in Milton Keynes and branches in Luton and Buckingham. We also offer computer and laptop repair service in Dunstable, Cranfield, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford, Hitchin, St Albans, Harpenden, Woburn, Flitwick, Ampthill, Hatfield..

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Our qualified Expert offer component lever repair on all make of motherboards and graphics chips. Before going on any repair we discuss you and provide you a quote if you happy then we carry on.


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                                 We offer professional service, cost effective solution and  reliable fast service compare to any other computer and laptop repair companies in Milton Keynes.